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Hello, Im a little new and don't really know anyone on here but Im from Utah and Im very interested in the paranormal. Does anyone have any suggestions to cool places to ghost hunt?
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the old paper mill. it's on around 3000 east and 6000 south, maybe? i don't
have the specific address, but it's awesome. a simple google search will
possibly provide useful.

ps. i almost got arrested for ghosthunting there, so be careful.
Dammit! I wanna go places like that, but now that I'm in school, I can't afford to have any kind of criminal record.
Ok, thanks for the tip. I will be sure to check it out :)
We're still in the process of compiling a list of places that don't suck. So far, Ben Lomond Hotel is just about the only one that's made my list.
Where is Ben Lomond Hotel? I would definitly be interested in visiting.
It's in Ogden. The only problem is, when we went it was closed for maintenance, so we were able to have a tour and do our thing without bothering anyone. But now it's opened up again, and two of the most haunted rooms in the building have now been turned into apartments. BUT, it's still a cool place to go hang out.

P.S. <3Amelie<3