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Okay, I know I've said this a few times before, but I'd really like to go to the Payson Cemetery. My friend Justin, who lives right by the cemetery, and one of his friends just got MP3 recorders and they want to try them out to see how they compare to regular tape recorders. When my girlfriend told him about us (UtahPRS), he got really excited and said he definitely wants to get together sometime soon and investigate the cemetery. We're all really horrible at making plans -- it all depends on when people have to work, and if we're able to find a ride to Payson -- so I can't say for sure when we might be going, though hopefully it'll be within the next few weeks. Anyway, if anyone would really like to come with us, reply to this post or send me an email ( with your MSN or AIM sn, and your cell number if you have one, and I'll personally contact you as soon as any definite plans are made. Just know that they could be made anywhere from a few days to a few minutes beforehand.
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