yours truly (killdarling) wrote in utahprs,
yours truly

I'm sure most, if not all, of you have heard of "the round house", aka "the herriman house". There are all sorts of stories about it being haunted and what happened there to cause it. Just to clear things up, the house is not haunted! According to the Herriman Police, it was built by a man who adopted a lot of kids and went broke building it, so it's never even been occupied. We found that out the hard way by almost getting arrested. It's a really cool house, but my advice is to just not go there, unless you're willing to pay the fine (something like $300), because chances are you will get caught, and the cops (who are called up there several times a day/night) are starting to really crack down on trespassers. From what we were told, I wouldn't be surprised if we're the last ones who got away with just a warning.

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